Stop Drinking Soft Drinks to Lose Weight and Be More Healthy

June 17, 2009

Diets & Nutrition

How many bottles of soft drinks do you drink every week. How many glasses daily? If you are one of the few that don’t like to drink sodas you are one of the few lucky ones. But if you drink lots of sodas frequently then you might have a health problem. Drinking lots of soft drinks during the day make your body unhealthy and paves the way to all sorts of health problems.

First there is a big difference between carbonated soft drinks that contain caffeine like cola and those that don’t have in their composition caffeine. Caffeine from the soft drinks consumed in large quantities can make you tense and nervous, making you feel uneasy. Drinking lots of sodas fills your body with artificial sweeteners, sugar and calories. Plus the acid is an enemy of your stomach. In the American Journal Of Preventive Medicine it is mentioned that more than one quarter of all the calories we eat daily come from soft drinks.


When you choose to buy a soft drink read the label and see what sweeteners it contains. The sodas that contain sweeteners like sucralose are the safest to drink. This type of sweetener has at its base sugar, and by undergoing the fabrication process it has no calories. You can use sucralose in cooking too. Sucralose is not poisonous, it does not cause cancer and it is not a pesticide. Sucralose does not break down in the body and it doesn’t release chlorine into your body. Try to avoid drinking soft drinks that have have on their label sweeteners like acesulfame-K, which is cancerous, or aspartame, which can give you headaches, or saccharin…

Avoid drinking soft drinks full of calories that bring no health benefits. They are possibly one of the reasons why you are fat and unhealthy. You can go cold turkey or you can follow the next path: soft drinks -> light soft drinks -> sodas with zero calories -> water and natural juices. Light soft drinks are different from zero calories sodas or diet soft drinks.

The light soft drinks don’t contain any sugar and have fewer calories than a regular soda. The diet soft drinks have no calories at all. For example just one litter of Coca-Cola has 108 grams of sugar which will give you 400 calories. 400 calories is huge. If you jog for an hour, you probably won’t be able to burn 400 calories. In the USA the soft drink consumption per citizen is huge. No wonder the level of obesity is reaching new levels with each passing year.

If you drink lots soft drinks it will be almost impossible for you to lose weight. You take to many calories and no nutrient which feed your body. Also all the additives will help make you unhealthy. Ad that to the fact that being overweight is a health risk in itself and you should realize by now that you have to stop drinking soft drinks starting now. I wish you luck.

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