Cola Addiction: caffeine soft drinks are unhealthy

June 18, 2009

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More and more people are hooked on caffeine soft drinks. They are caffeine soft drinks junkies. I know people that drink at least 2 liters of Coca Cola or Pepsi daily. They have stomach problems and can’t stop drinking colas. They are cola addicts.

If you are a caffeine soda addict and you want to quit drinking them you have to have lots of willpower. A useful trick you can use is replacing the caffeine from the soft drinks with the caffeine from green tea or black tea. You can even drink coffee in small quantities as long as you drink it to stop drinking colas. A study has shown that by drinking colas daily your fertility is reduced by 50%.


Caffeine soft drinks also contain phosphoric acid. Phosphor stops the fixation of calcium and increases your chance of developing osteoporosis. Growing children that drink lots of colas have more frail bones, having a bigger chance of suffering fractures. The teeth also suffer because of drinking lots of sodas. The acidity of the cola will slowly but surely disintegrate your teeth in time. I don’t think you want to suffer from teeth problems.

Other side effects of sodas are kidney problems, headaches, constipation and even high blood pressure.

Energy drinks are unhealthy too. Energy drinks are full of caffeine and taurine, creating a havoc in your body. Even if the manufacturers recommend that we drink only one energy drink per day, that fact is not written on the can. Usually when we have to stay awake for an important task we burn through energy drinks like maniacs. I know I am guilty of this. Also you should never drink energy drinks on an empty stomach or combine them with alcohol. Mixing alcohol and energy drinks is really unhealthy. I know we have to look cool at the bar and impress the opposite sex but choose something else. Try a cocktail.

Water is the healthiest drink you can have. To please your taste buds you can add some slices of lemon. You can also drink fresh natural juices as much as you want. There are lots of choices out there that you can use to replace your soft drink addiction.

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