Keep Cancer Away By Eating More Carrots

June 17, 2009

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I like to make lots of salads. I love eating raw salads. Many of my salads include carrots in them. I make it a point to eat at least one carrot per week at least. I have observed that if I eat one carrot when I am tired after a couple of hours I feel much better. But this is a personal observation. You should run your own personal experiment and see what happens.

You should observe mot just how your body reacts after eating a carrot. Observe the reactions of your body when you eat different foods, vegetables, fruits, juices and beverages. Write a couple of observations in a food journal. That way you will learn what your body like and what it doesn’t like. In time you will know what to eat in any situation, improving your health by eating healthy food.


A study made by the University Newcastle Upon Tyne pointed out some time ago the link between a substance found in carrots and the reduction of the risk of cancer with around 30%. The substance is falcarinol. Scientists believe that falcarinol activates the mechanisms form your body that fight against cancer. Falcarinol can be found, to my knowledge, only in carrots and red ginseng. In big quantities falcarinol can be toxic. But you would have to eat 800 pounds of carrots to reach an health threatening level of falcarinol in your body. I don’t think you will ever eat that much carrots in a short amount of time. As a result of the study the recommended quantity of carrots you should eat per day to benefit is just one carrot. I am sure you can manage to eat just 1 carrot daily.

After you have bought the carrots you should put them in the fridge. It is recommended to eat them in 10 days so don’t buy huge quantities. After that time they aren’t as tasty. If you are worried about the caloric intake you should know that one cup of grated carrot has about 50 calories.

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