Stay Young and Live Longer With the Caloric Restriction Diet

July 12, 2010

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To lengthen your life, shorten your meals.~Proverb

Caloric restriction is a scientifically proven way to live longer and stay younger. In studies done all over the world it was proven that with the help of caloric restriction the life span of mice and rats was increased by 30% even 40%.

Studies done on primates and even humans proves that these results are valid for humans also, but not to the same extent maybe. So you might not be able to live with 40% more, but even 20% sound good to me. That means, if we take in consideration a life expectancy of 70 years, and extra 14 years. That is nothing to laugh at, especially if you take into consideration that the life expectancy is increasing each year. Some say that in 10 years the average life expectancy of a human being will be 100 years. By hopping on a caloric restriction diet you can potentially live easily to be 120 years old.

What you have to understand is that caloric restriction should never be used for weight loss. It is true that a side effect of going on a low caloric diet is weight loss, this type of diet is more about a lifestyle change than weight loss. But since you will be eating a whole lot less food while on a caloric restriction diet you will lose weight and never gain it back.

Some of the proven health benefits of caloric restriction are: lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol. According to one study you also get to improve your memory. The main benefit is the fact that you stay young and live longer because of caloric restriction.

Because while you are on the low calorie diet you eat lots of fruits and vegetables, your energy intake is very low but your body gets almost all the minerals and vitamins it needs. The only problem that might appear are related to the absorption of fat soluble vitamins, which, as their name implies, need fats to be assimilated by your body. Still eating some nuts, using virgin olive oil in your cooking and the occasional fish in your diet should give you plenty of healthy fats to ensure the proper functioning of your body.

The only downside of the going on a lifelong low calorie diet is the fact that you have to go on it while you are still young. At least that is the result of an study that is very disputed. That study showed that older rats put on caloric restriction don’t gain the same health benefits as the young rats grown on a low caloric diet. What a letdown. Had my parents known this when I was little. But there is still hope.

According to other researchers, caloric restriction will benefit an individual regardless of its age. He will reap less benefits but the benefits are still there. Weight loss is one of them, an improved functioning of the liver. The caloric restriction reverted the aging related alterations of the liver, brain and heart proteins, even in older test subjects. What is even more amazing is the fact that some of the test subject put on a low calorie diet later in life had their life expectancy increased, living longer and being healthier.

It is up to you if you want to get on a caloric restriction diet, but if you want to stay young and live longer you should do it.

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