The Weight Loss Journey: How to Start Losing Weight

July 12, 2010

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You can’t lose weight by talking about it. You have to keep your mouth shut.~Author Unknown

If you want to start losing weight then you are embarking on a weight loss journey. That is how you should think about losing weight. It is all about taking action, step by step until you reach your desired outcome: looking hotter and being healthier.

The first step you have to take to start losing weight isn’t getting a diet plan. No the first step is getting all the motivation required to follow through with your decision of losing weight. So take a pen and paper and write down all the reasons why you want to lose weight. The more you write the better. Then write how much more exciting your life would be after you lose weight. Describe exactly how your life would be changed and how you would feel. Keep this piece of paper near you for future reference. During the rough patches, when you feel like quitting, turn to this piece of paper for weight loss motivation and encouragement.

Then you can start searching for a diet and exercise routine that will help you lose weight. Search for as many options as you can. The more the better because it will help you choose the best solution for yourself. When considering any weight loss program ask yourself: Can I do this? Is this diet plan something that seems doable to me? Can I commit the time required to do these exercises? Pass all the weight loss solutions that you find through the fiery test of how doable it seems to you. If you think you can do it go with it.

Succeeding to finish your weight loss journey is all about choosing a path that seems accessible to you. Then using motivation, and pure determination, you will finish your weight loss journey. It is just like picking the best suited path on a mountain that you know you are capable of doing. It sets you up for success from the get go.

The best part about finishing a weight loss journey is the weight loss story. Every great journey has a great story and I am sure you will inspire a lot of people to lose weight with your story. Losing weight isn’t easy, but starting your weight loss journey prepared for it will make losing weight easier. What are you waiting for? Start losing weight.

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