Speed Up Metabolism Tricks: How to master your metabolism

April 5, 2010

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Your metabolism is the natural process by which our body combines nutrients with oxygen to produce energy for its proper functioning. This energy is measured in calories which are for the human body like gasoline to a car.

When our main source of energy, blood sugar (glucose), is consumed, the metabolic process focus on fat in order to obtain energy. Similarly, when the reserves of sugar are too high, the metabolism tends to store excess "energy" by turning it into fat to be used when needed. If you want to lose weight you have to master your metabolism.

Even when our body is resting it still consumes a minimum amount of energy needed to ensure the functioning of vital organs and maintaining a normal temperature. Of course when we exercise, the body needs more energy and accelerates the metabolism to deliver it. But most of the time it is not very active, and this is why most of us want a higher metabolism. We want to burn more calories all the time, even when we sit or sleep. Does this mean greater efficiency?

Much has been written around the topic of accelerating the metabolism, and many articles have suggested an increased metabolism is more effective for burning more calories. This is especially true if your goal is to lose weight. But it is interesting to note that an increased metabolism is actually less effective and needs more food to maintain body weight.

This is against the way nature designed us to survive. And it is very important to note that an increased metabolism involves aging faster. We should ask whether it is desirable to act as an over raced engine, but disconnected from the gearbox. Speeding up your metabolism must be done with care to get the maximum benefits with as little disadvantages as possible. It is rather desirable to make sure we eat healthy, in reasonable amounts, accompanied by a regular program of exercise.

Here are some tricks to help you speed up your metabolism and master it in a healthy way:

Speed up metabolism trick 1: Eat often, do not skip meals and eat healthy snacks between meals

Frequent meals help prevent starvation, and ensure a constant source of energy which maintains the efficiency of the human metabolism. The body is equipped with a survival mechanism by which fat is deposited to protect us from starvation. When jumping over a meal or keeping a very strict diet, the body believes you are going through a period of starvation and reacts promptly to preserve energy by slowing down the metabolism.

Energy deposits are preserved mainly as fat. Fast weight loss occurs mainly by losing water and muscle mass. That is why it is advisable to eat 5-6 times a day to increase the metabolism, 3 main meals and snacks in between. This way, we ensure a high metabolic rate throughout the day. Not forgetting of course that the snacks between meals may be among the causes of weight gain. It is therefore very important that they are healthy and avoid the temptation to eat large quantities. Also the main meals will be reduced to compensate for the exact amount of calories the snacks offer between meals.

Speed up metabolism trick 2: Exercise on a regular basis

Not only physical effort leads to speeding up your metabolism, but it will remain high for a significant period of time, after your workout session. It is a sure way to burn more calories. And the beneficial effects of regular exercise on your health far exceed the effects of aging if we do get a fast metabolism.

Speed up metabolism trick 3: Improve the relationship between muscles mass and fat

Generally, strenuous activities such as running, burn more calories than muscle-building activities such as weight lifting. But we must not forget that muscle burns more calories than fat. This means that the metabolism is the more active if the muscle mass is greater.

So it is better to choose natural and balanced ways that speed up your metabolism to burn more calories. If you treat your metabolism with care, it will be the best and closest friend in your fight against excess fat.

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