Gain Weight By Increasing Your Muscle Mass

June 15, 2009

Exercise & Fitness

Gaining weight can be as stressful and difficult as weight loss. Anyone can go to the gym. There are persons who go to the gym to lose weight, to strengthen your muscles, others to maintain their weight and shape. Some go there to increase their muscle mass and gain weight but the right kind of weight: muscles. Fat is ugly and muscles are sexy.

If you want to increase your muscle mass go to the gym and exercise. Your personal fitness trainer will guide you towards achieving your fitness goal. When you start use lighter weight and as time passes increase the weights you are lifting.

Gaining weight doesn’t mean you can eat everything you want. You want muscles not fat. Eat healthy food rich in proteins. You can even eat some protein food supplements to give your body some extra proteins.


You need to eat healthy nutritious food. You can ask a nutritionist to make for you a personalized diet that will have 5-6 meals daily. A good nutritionist will be able to integrate the meals and recommended foods in your lifestyle. You also need a long term workout schedule where every future and present step is clear to you. That way you will know exactly what you have to do and measure your results. By measuring your results all the time you can also course correct as needed to make sure you will achieve your goal.

You can start by working the major muscle groups for one month. This includes the leg, back and chest muscles. Then you can start working out your mower body muscles (thighs, calf, buttock muscles) and your upper body muscles (biceps, triceps, chest and back muscles).

In the first month you can go 3 times to the gym. In the second month you should go 4 times to the gym . You can follow the next workout schedule:
-Monday: lower body muscles + abdominal muscles;
-Tuesday: upper body muscles + abdominal muscles(optional);
-Wednesday: break and leisure time to let you muscles repair themselves;
-Thursday: lower body muscles + abdominal muscles;
-Friday: upper body muscles + abdominal muscles(optional)
-Saturday: break and fun time showing off a great looking body;
-Sunday: break and resting form all the fun from Saturday night

I wish you will achieve a fabulous looking body as soon as possible. Gain great looking muscle mass.

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