Why does the scale show more not less weight.

March 12, 2009

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Why do I weight more after going the gym and working out. Especially when I am working out regularly. I go to fitness and aerobics and the darn scale sais I gained weight. Yet still I have been eating the same amount of food. Maybe even less.

Well I am here to tell you that these is good news. This means that your muscle mass is growing. And muscles weigh more than blubber. Plus they keep the fat more tucked in making you look more slender. The purpose of working out and dieting shouldn’t what the darn scale sais but how you look. You could weigh 100 kilos but if you look like a top model who cares. You are after the fit and slender look and not what the darn scale is saying. If you would be interested in just losing weight without considering how you would look you could go chop off a leg and there you go. And you can even brag about how fast you dropped the excess weight. But that is a ridiculous goal and method. What you should strive for is looking fabulous. Getting the kind of looks that the opposite sex will drool all over you. And I guarantee they won’t care how much you weigh.


Also more muscles means you can keep your fabulous looks on the long run. Muscles need more energy to function so your body has to work harder to get the chance to store fat. In fact if you work out and keep the same meal sizes losing weight is guaranteed. Unfortunately you have to fight the desire to indulge more because your body will want to keep the same rapport of fat deposits. It is a primitive safety mechanism that our ancestors developed and that just recently became obsolete. Food is everywhere in our modern society, and it is full of nutrients, even in excess.

If you can you should consider switching to a more healthy menu. That way you could possibly eat more, workout better, get in shape faster and best of all feel fantastic. Make yourself a health died by eating foods rich in protein and vitamins. Don’t just lose weight. Get in shape and keep your hot sexy body for a longer time with minimal effort. Well that’s something to strive for. See you there.

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