Healthy Gym Workout Rules to Avoid Health Problems

June 15, 2009

Exercise & Fitness

Usually when you go for the first time to the gym the personal instructor evaluates your fitness level and recommends you the best exercises for you. The exercises you will do will depend on how fit your body is and what goals you want to achieve. If you suffer from health problems that reduce your capability of exercising your personal trainer will tell you what exercises to do and what not to do and what gym machines to use.

Using weights that are beyond your body’s limit will put tremendous amounts of pressure on some parts of your body. This is a sure way to suffering all king of workout accidents and health problems generated by badly executed exercises. Don’t jump and lift 200 pounds just because the guy before you did it. Everybody has his own personal limits. If someone having a body similar to yours can lift some weights doesn’t mean you can or should too. Your personal gym instructor will create a personalized workout for you that you should follow for maximum results.

There are many people who brag with exercises that bring in the forefront the huge number of repetitions they do. I have made 100 push-ups. I have done 150 abdominal crunches. The fact that they can do all those repetitions is a great thing. But how much do they workout the other muscles. I don’t believe their body is made only of arm and abdominal muscles. Women usually are guilty of this. If they have a little pot belly or a muffin top they do exercises for those zones only. Workout your whole body if you want to become a sex bomb.


Once a week you should exercise all your muscles. Of course you don’t have to work out all your muscles in the same day. But at the end of the week you should have exercised all the major muscle groups from your body. You need to create for you a varied workout schedule that will exercise all your muscles during a week.

Always, always and I mean always warm up. Just like you brush your teeth in the morning you should warm up. If you don’t do either of them you should start doing it as soon as possible, for example like from today. You should do a 10 minute warm up before hitting the gym floor and the exercise machines. You need to raise your heart rate so that your body gets ready for an intense workout. That way you will avoid workout accidents. After the workout you should take 10 minutes to relax your body with some stretching exercises. Your body will calm down, especially your heart rate. You can even get muscle soreness if you put an end abruptly to a workout.

Remember to drink water while you workout. You will avoid dehydration. But don’t gobble it all down. It will make your movements sluggish. Take small sips frequently. That way it will energize your.

Make sure you do the exercises using the right body posture. That way the intended muscles will work out and you will benefit more. Using heavy weights on the exercise machines makes it almost impossible for you to maintain a good body posture while exercising. You should always have your back straight.

Focus your mind on the exercise you are doing. Visualize the effects that you want to achieve while working out. Your mind can improve your results and make you achieve your goals faster.

I wish you happy exercising.

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