I Want to Lose Weight Fast- Are You Sure?

April 9, 2010

Health & Motivation

Many say: I want to lose weight fast! Unfortunately all they do is moan and cry about how much they want to lose weight. Words seldom make something become reality. You have to roll-up your sleeves and get to work. That is the only way you will ever achieve permanent and fast weight loss.

If you want to lose weight fast you will have to go on a diet and start exercising. And you have to continue doing it until you will reach your goal. That is why it is very important that you stay focused and motivated all the time.

Create a clear picture of how you would like your body to look. How would it feel? Create a picture so vivid, so appealing that you can feel it drawing you to it. That is how you will start saying “I want to lose weight” and start saying “I am losing weight”. Achieving your ideal body isn’t something impossible. It just requires lots and lots of work and dedication.

Losing weight is like learning to ride a bike. At first you are clumsy and fall a lot. If you stop trying after the first or second attempt, you will never learn how to ride a bike. You have to persevere and fall as many times as it is required for you to learn how to ride a bike. The same applies to losing weight. You will stumble a lot and have lots of setbacks. You will binge form time to time and you will skip workout sessions. It is human and it is ok. But if you stick to it you will get better and better at losing weight.

Once you learn how to lose weight you won’t have any weight problems ever again. It is like riding a bike, once you know it you will know how to do it all your life. The secret lies in not giving up too fast. Stop thinking “I can’t lose weight” and start focusing on what you desire.

Don’t be one of the many that are always talking to everybody they know about how much they want to lose weight. Don’t bore your friends with false proclamations. Tell them only once “I will lose weight” and then let your actions do the speaking for you. All your friends will be amazed, and even the non-believers and negative people close to you will start encouraging you eventually. The more results you get the faster you will lose weight. The compounding effect is awesome.

After you become more experienced at losing weight the healthy way, you will find weight loss to be a piece of cake. You will be able to command the extra pounds off with ease. But take care, this will only happen if you choose a healthy diet and a good workout routine. Extreme weight loss diets only make it so you will have a harder time at losing weight in the future. Please don’t throw away your health and wellbeing for momentary results that fade away very fast.

I wish you the best of luck at losing weight and becoming an example to all your friends. Once you learn how to lose weight you will become an invaluable resource for them if they decide to follow in your footsteps. You will be able to show them how to go form “I want to lose weight” to “I am losing weight in a healthy way”.

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