Running or Walking For Weight Loss Is Great

July 14, 2010

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People say that losing weight is no walk in the park. When I hear that I think, yeah, that’s the problem~Chris Adams

Walking or running are great weight loss exercises. They are cheap and everybody can do them. It isn’t rocket science to find ways to walk more for weight loss benefits. Just park your car further from your office, or ditch the car altogether.

Walking is the best way to start exercising. All you have to do to start walking for weight loss, is take long walk in the park. If you can go outside the city, you can walk in the woods, on the beach, even in the dessert. You will get to reenergize your batteries, clear your mind and burn some excess calories too. Walking is a very effective exercise, and the human body is accustomed to doing lots of it.

A few hundred years ago, walking was the most used form of transportation. If you had to get anywhere you had to walk. Your body is wired to a certain amount of walking, and the lack of physical activity is what makes you gain weight.

As you take longer and longer walks, start speeding up your pace. Speed it up until you start running. It is an easy transition to make. If you start walking for weight loss today, don’t be surprised to find yourself running regularly by next month. All it takes is a little movement.

To keep yourself motivated to your daily walks, buy a pedometer. It will track exactly how many steps you made during a day or a walk. A worthy goal is to try and increase the average number of paces you take by 10% each month. This means that in 1 year you will be more than twice as active than you are now. The small increase in the amount of running or walking for weight loss that you do, will add up as time passes, and it will melt all your excessive body fat. It takes little effort to do it, so why not start today. Take your first walk today and keep on walking more and more each day.

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