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July 6, 2009

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Walking is a great way to exercise and lose weight. We were born to walk and walking is really good for you. After I spend several hours sitting in a chair my ass starts hurting and my lower body starts going numb. At that time I just have to move. If I don’t take a small stroll my productivity goes down and a get into a funky mood. If you analyze your past experiences I am sure you have a similar one. We all know walking is good for our health.

Recently I have been hospitalized and I could not walk for 1 month. A terrible experience. I cannot tell you how joyful I was when I could start walking again. Walking is one of those things we take for granted which we should appreciate more. You should walk more.


Walking is also a great way to burn some calories. Depending on how fast you walk and for how long you will burn more or less calories. Knowing how many calories walking can burn is fantastic. It got me motivated to walk even more and I am sure you will start walking more too. There is a short table containing information on the distance, pace and calories burned by walking:

Miles per Hour Calories Burned In 1 Hour The pace and speed of walking
2.4 mph 220 kcal walking through a store or taking a stroll through the park
3.5 mph 300 kcal you are hurrying to get to a meeting but you have time to talk on the way there
4 mph 400 kcal you are late for a very important meeting and you barely can talk on the way there without getting out of breath
5 520 kcal you cannot talk while walking at the same time
6.5 mph 700 kcal you are almost running to get as fast as possible to where you want to go

Knowing the information from the table above you can structure a daily walking exercise routine to help you burn more calories and lose weight. You might not have time to go to the gym but you sure do have time to walk. Stop taking the car to work or go shopping by foot. There are hundreds of ways of increasing the number of steps you make daily. My advice is walk more to be healthier.

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