Why Does Cellulite Appear: the causes of cellulite

July 3, 2009

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Cellulite is caused by the excessive stretching of the adipose cells, water retention, insufficient blood circulation, a weakening of the connective tissue, and in most cases hormonal imbalances.

Women usually get cellulite on their hips, buttocks, abdomen and sometimes their arms. Men are more lucky and the cases of cellulite are fewer in the male population. Estrogen, the female hormone, facilitates certain types of fat deposits that lead to cellulite. Basically cellulite are fat deposits just under the skin which make your skin look unpleasant.

The appearance of cellulite is also influenced by a genetic factor. You don’t get cellulite just because you have gained a couple of pounds. Skinny women have cellulite too. But if you work out and go on a diet to lose weight , by toning you muscles your skin will look better.

The apparition of cellulite is also influenced by the chronic usage of some medicaments like hormonal anti-inflammatory pills that contain steroids. Another factor that determines the apparition of cellulite are tight clothes that are made of synthetic fibers that don’t let the skin breathe. Being a couch potato doesn’t help you in the fight against cellulite either.


Cellulite isn’t painful in its most common forms. But if it reaches more advanced stages cellulite can be painful. Cellulite isn’t a disease. But we all like a smooth velvety skin. Your lifestyle is the main factor that determines the apparition but also the disappearance of cellulite. The beverages you drink, the food you eat, the exercises you do (or their lack) all determine if you have or not cellulite and to what degree it affects you.

There are 3 stages in the development of cellulite:
stage 1 of cellulite: the appearance of a thin layer of fat under the skin making the skin look a little uneven. The tissue is very fine and elastic and the capillary blood vessels are visible and normal.
stage 2 of cellulite: the adipose tissue from under the skin grows in size and can be relatively soft if it is very recent or a little hard if it is a little older. The capillaries become a little more regular.
stage 3 of cellulite: the fat tissue from under the skin is old, thick and very resilient. The tissue is hard at touch, the capillary blood vessels are irregular and cannot be seen. Any touching of the tissue can be felt at this stage, and the cellulite can become painful when in contact with an outside stimulus. Nasty.

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