Kate Moss’ Diet and Exercise Routine: Get A Slender Body

March 26, 2011

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Supermodel and fashion icon Kate Moss earned extreme stardom being one of the world’s highest paid models, a title the British-born Kate rightly deserves. Her distinctive beauty and impeccable fashion taste has landed her multi-million deals from Italian, French, American, and British big-name designers such as Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Calvin Klein, Yves San Laurent, Chanel, Rimmel, and Bulgari. The 5 foot 8 stunner with the almond eyes and Grecian features surely knows how to work the catwalk, and her diet and exercise routine has made this 37 year old beauty’s physique modelesque for years.

Kate-Moss.jpgKate Moss’ diet involves eating small yet healthy meals daily especially during breakfast. She admits to have tried recently the so-called “vibrancy diet” that helped her maintain a model figure.

With this kind of diet, she consumes one fruits with yogurt and probiotics together with a whole grain piece of toast for breakfast.

Furthermore, Kate Moss’ diet doesn’t contain any greasy foods. This started when she noticed that her skin was affected with her intake of greasy and fried foods.

On the other hand, Kate Moss’ lunch and dinner contains a lot of lean proteins such as grilled chicken and fish.

Together with her meals are lots of vegetables in large servings to keep her full and well-satisfied. For her snacks, she consumes smoothie shakes, particularly fruit smoothies.

For Kate Moss’ exercise routine, she completes this 4 times in a week. She puts exercise as her priority and adds dedication that’s why she achieved a fit and lean figure.

To burn her calories, she runs as a form of her cardio exercise that is vital in temporarily rises the heart rate and burning lots of calories especially those that come from fat. Running is considered as among the highest-intensity cardio exercises today which you can do while experiencing fresh air or indoors using the treadmill.

Furthermore, Kate Moss’ exercise routine includes weight lifting to tone up her body does this type of exercise three times in a week. She also practices yoga that increases her flexibility, involves strength building and mental balance.

She actually visits the Life Center in Kensington most of the time to have Ashtanga and Iyengar yoga classes. Lastly, she does pole dancing that develops both Kate’s strength and flexibility and helps build confidence.

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