Celebrity Lose Weight Tips: How The Stars Get Their Uber Hot Bods

With their megawatt smiles and picture-perfect physiques, celebrities lead a seemingly charmed life. It’s no wonder that when these stars make bold statements about a diet that has worked for them or a diet trick that has worked wonders on their bodies, people tend to overlook scientific information and support. From fad to crash diets, you’ve got to be careful about the advice you take from celebrities.

Still, nobody could deny what star power can do to make something believable, and here, we rounded up the work out and diet tips celebrities swear by to lose weight.

celebrity-weight-loss-tips.jpg1. Cut back on alcohol

Whenever stars like Charlize Theron, Kate Hudson and Drew Carey needed to lose some pounds, they cut back on alcohol to get results. Not only do alcoholic drinks contain liquid calories, they also tend to increase your appetite and reduce your willpower to stick to your diet regimen.

2. Consume less calories

It seems obvious, and big names such as Victoria Beckham, Charlotte Church, Teri Hatcher and Gwyneth Paltrow have been practicing portion control as a sure way of losing and maintaining weight. With portion control, no food is off limits, as long as portion size is supervised and eating in moderation is practiced.

3. Drinking lots of water

Celebrities such as Halle Berry, Cameron Diaz and Sarah Michelle Gellar all recognize the powerful effects of water in weight loss. Water is a natural appetite suppressant, and unlike other drinks, is calorie-free and contains zero-sodium.

4. Walk more

With their busy schedules, stars such as Fergie, Jennifer Garner and Scarlett Johansson still find time to walk, which is a total body workout that not only strenthens and tones out the core, but also the gluteal, quadricep and hamstring muscles.

5. Eat more protein

A healthy, balanced diet should always include protein, and these celebrities practice this truth into their daily eating plans. Demi Moore, Carmen Electra and Jennifer Lopez always start their day with meals containing protein, which builds muscles, burns fats and kickstarts their metabolism.

6. Do a bootcamp

There are different kinds of bootcamps depending on the program and trainer that you follow, but celebrities such as Eva Longoria, Marisa Tomei and supermodels Kate Moss, Adriana Lima as well as Jessica Biel include bootcamps in their workout routines. The squats, ball runches, walking lunges and push-ups incorporated into this workout will surely slim anyone down.

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