Want To Lose Weight Like A Pro? Try These 5 Weight Loss Tips

Do you envy the people who seemingly lose weight at will? Well, you’re in luck. Shedyourweight.com knows just how you feel, and we’ve come up with 5 of the best diet and exercise tips known to mankind, all of which are guaranteed to make you lose weight fast like a pro.

Find one or two you could easily incorporate into your daily routine. Don’t stress, it is always better to start  with small changes and then gradually work your way up.

1. Keep it up!

With every exercise you do, try adding in a 15% more effort and time. Walking on your treadmill is good, but adding a 15% incline can make it even better, making you burn at least 3 times more calories.

2. Lose weight while watching TV

If you absolutely love your TV programs, there’s no reason to miss them, and now you can lose weight even while watching. You can get rid of your TV remote so you could constantly get up and move to change channels, or do sit ups and lunges when commercials air.

3. Graze frequently

Instead of having 3 square meals a day, why not graze? Eating small meals frequently make you lose weight better based on new research. It has been attributed to the fact that waiting too long for your next meal make you more hungrier and gives you the urge to overeat at your next meal.

4. Have more fiber

 Adding more fiber into your diet is easily one of the best ways to effectively shed off the extra pounds.  Eating fiber-rich foods prevents you from overeating and getting hunger pangs because fiber fills you up quick and makes you full longer.

Fiber also slows down the digestion of foods you consumed, so your blood sugar levels are kept normal to keep you from getting hungry frequently.

5. Do cardio last

I’m pretty sure most people who exercise start workingout with cardio exercises first before proceeding to muscle building exercises. But recent studies have revealed that it’s better to start with body sculpting, anaerobic exercises before running on your treadm,ill or hopping on your bike.

Your body will begin to burn more fat this way, because you already used up most of your body’s carbs during the muscle building, your body will now burn a combination of your fat and carbs store during your cardio workout session.


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