Fast Food Obesity: unhealthy eating for an unhealthy life

May 25, 2009

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Obesity is a worldwide problem. Over 50% of all the global population is either overweight or obese. Obesity is the worst of the two. Obesity doesn’t just make you look bad, it is also a major health hazard. The main causes of death that plague our modern times are all made even more rampant by obesity: cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, heart attacks.

One of the main reasons for excessive overeating are fast food restaurants. It is a certitude that fast food is responsible for the second cause of mortality worldwide, obesity.

Almost all fast foods aren’t fresh. But the fast food restaurants shore do a good job of fooling us that they are fresh and healthy. Nobody is in the back peeling potatoes, and the chicken of beef doesn’t come in raw and almost whole. Before you buy them all the fast foods are processed, dehydrated, frozen, and packaged to look fresh.


A whole array of processes that reduce the nutritional value of the fast food are used to create that delicious unhealthy treat. Even the natural flavor of the base ingredients are changed sometimes. This is why fast food has a unique taste that you cannot find anywhere else. You cannot cook a BigMac at home regardless of how hard you will try. Well I guess you could if you steal the darn ingredients form McDonalds and cook it at home. This unique taste of fast food is given by a carefully and scientifically created recipe of synthetic flavors which can be very bad for your health. If you eat regularly fast food then the artificial flavors and food additives will slowly erode your health away until your body will be an obese wreck.


Behind the appetizing look of these foods there is a horror story. Dehydration and the freezing changes their initial color. Artificial food colorants are used to make the food even more appetizing for the human eye. Food color additives affect your digestion and children get very agitated because of them and lose the capacity of focusing on a certain activity. Unfortunately the black list of bad health effects that fast food has doesn’t stop here. Food flavor additives, used on a massive scale in the fast food industry have been proven by scientist as being cancerous, being responsible for brain lesions, eye sight problems, heart attacks and depression.

If you plan to lose weight you must change your lifestyle and change your attitude towards food and exercising. Don’t be fooled by the appealing look of fast food that offer you a cheap and tasty unhealthy meal. The solution is to get a healthy lifestyle, eating healthy food and working out frequently.

Find out about The food additives list: the good and the bad.

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