The food additives list: the good and the bad

April 30, 2009

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There are food additives that are used usually by everybody as ingredients in their recipes. Salt, sugar and vinegar are usual substances from our homemade foods. They aren’t dangerous and make the foods taste better. But in the last 30 years in the contents of many of the already made foods we buy have appeared synthetic chemical substances. These chemical substances, called food additives are artificial and are very bad for your health. Eating constantly foods rich in synthetic food additives causes diseases to the body. Obesity is just the start of the bunch of difficulties your body will have to struggle with if you eat too many food additives.

More and more researchers believe and have test studies that show that there is a link between food additives and cancer. Also food additives are responsible to the rampant spread of cardiovascular and digestive diseases and allergies.


There is a difference from earth to the sky between eating an apple and drinking an apple compote. If you can you should avoid eating any already made or cooked foods and prepare your own dishes.

The most frequent met good food additives that don’t have any side effect on your body are:

  • -the natural vitamin E or E206 that is a natural antioxidant that you can get form liver, eggs, fish, soya;
  • -natural vitamin C or E300 that is also an antioxidant;
  • -chlorophyll or E140 that is a natural colorant found in pastry products and cosmetics;
  • -lecithin or E322 that is an natural antioxidant found in chocolate also;
  • -pectin or E440 that is an natural gelling agent

A study made by the Oncology Clinic from Dusseldorf Germany referring to the side effects of food additives on the human body has created a classified ordered list of toxic or cancerous food additives. Almost all these food additives put in danger the human body. Here is a list of the most notable bad for your health food additives:

  • food additives that are suspect of harming the body: E141, E150, E171, E172, E173, E240, E241, E477;
  • toxic food additives that determine the apparition of serious diseases:
    • -intestinal diseases: E220-224;
    • -digestive diseases: E338-341, E450, E407, E461, E463, E465-466;
    • -skin diseases: E230-233;
    • -hepatic diseases: E200, E230-234, E250-252, E461, E463;
    • -increase cholesterol: E320, E321;
    • -attack the nervous system: E311, E312;
    • -diseases of the mouth: E330 or citric acid.
  • dangerous food additives: E102, E110, E120, E124, E230;
  • cancerous food additives: different food additives have been blamed along the time as contributing to the apparition of cancer in human beings. Different zones have been affected like the digestive system, liver or pancreas. The main culprits are: E123, E131, E211, E213, E214, E215, E216, E217, E239, E621, E950, E951, E954

Cancerous food additives have been already banned in the USA, EU and Russia.

Caution is the best weapon you have against the avalanche of food additives that are pumped by the food industry. So always be on your toes and read all the labels of all the product you consume. I wish you luck.

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