Don’t Turn Your Stomach Into a Waste Dump

July 1, 2010

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”Your stomach shouldn’t be a waist bucket”~Author Unknown

You wouldn’t put garbage in your own home so why do you put garbage in your own body. Your body is your own temple, a lot more sacred than your home. If someone tried to pour something down your neck I bet you would put up a good fight. But when your friend tell you to eat some new junk food because it is tasty you gobble it down on your own.

Have you ever seen a waste dump? It’s not a pleasant sight. The toxins have taken over the landscape and nothing pure and healthy an live there. If you continue to fill your body with unhealthy food, food that doesn’t give you any nourishments, your body will end up like a waste dump.

When was the last time you read the ingredients used to make the packaged food you buy from your local supermarket. I bet you won’t understand more than 30% of what is written there. Once I tried reading out loud the ingredients used to make some cookies. I felt like I was in the first grade, trying to decode the words so I could read them out loud.

Since that experience my rule is to avoid eating foods that contain stuff I don’t know and I can’t pronounce. It really reduced the amount of foods I can eat. That is why I cheat form time to time. I pretend I know what a certain ingredient. After all I have met it in other tasty unhealthy foods, so I should know it. Hey I am only human and sometime the craving are just too tough to beat. That is when I use the old saying: If you can’t beat them, join them.

Still by constantly avoiding to eat unhealthy food, your health will benefit a lot. Try it for one month and you will be amazed by the new found energy and joie de vivre.

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