Should You Exercise During Pregnancy for a Healthy Pregnancy

July 1, 2010

Exercise & Fitness

Working out during pregnancy is a heavily debated issue among young pregnant women around the world. On one side they desire to maintain a figure as slime as possible, on the other hand their already tired, bored, and lacking energy because of the pregnancy. Most women wish to maintain their weight even after pregnancy and as such decide to exercise during pregnancy. Is it healthy or not and does it pose problems for the baby?

Good news is that not only is it healthy and recommended, it doesn’t pose any problems for the baby, just as long as the pregnancy is supervised by a doctor and he gives his approval for exercise. The bad news is that not all pregnant women can exercise. Some have pregnancies that pose problems, and once spotted by the doctor he will warn the woman what she can and can’t do. So if you’re thinking about exercising during pregnancy and getting a good head start and future weight loss, talk to your supervising doctor before.

Pregnancy myths related to exercising scare women into inactivity. Most women choose not to exercise during pregnancy for a fear of spontaneous abortion, somehow hurting the baby or other problems. Truth be told, as long as you have your doctors approval, exercising is a must because lack of activity and exercise can be dangerous.

Some of the benefits that arise because of light healthy exercise include: a better disposition, decreased weight gain, a healthier body, good blood circulation and best of all, studies have shown that women who exercise before and during pregnancy lose weight and regain their initial slim figure faster and easier than women who are inactive during pregnancy

As with any and all types of exercise, they do pose a degree of risk. For one , for a healthy pregnancy you will have to stick to just light exercises for a maximum period of 30 min per day and lay of the strenuous activities. Also, all exercise has to be lightened during your last 3 months of pregnancy. Always check with your doctor beforehand and ask for advice on what you can and can’t do. He might recommend a personalized workout routine but most likely walking and strolling thru the park and light stretching will be included on the list.

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