Overeating Healthy Food Can Make You Fat

September 28, 2010

Diets & Nutrition

Eating mostly healthy food is a big step towards losing weight. But if you eats heaps of healthy food you won’t lose weight. You will only get to eat a lot more food and stay fat. Not a result you desire.

Regardless how healthy a food is it contains calories. And eating more calories than your body requires will make you fat. Take for example olive oil. Olive oil is a super healthy food and you should eat it on a daily basis. But eating too much olive oil is very fattening.

I table spoon of olive oil contains about 60 calories and 1 cup of olive oil about 1900 calories. I love olive oil, especially in my salad. But knowing the high amount of calories it contains I try to use olive oil with moderation in my cooking.

Fruits and vegetables are healthy foods and they too can make you fat. Especially sweet fruits which contain a little more calories.

Overeating is an unhealthy habit all across the border. If you want to lose weight and keep it off you have put an end to your overeating. The most simple way to achieve this is by eating slowly. And I mean really slowly. Chew your food well, savor it and you will eat a whole lot less food at each meal.

There is an old saying “Too much of anything is bad.” That old piece of wisdom applies to healthy food too. Overeating healthy food isn’t healthy. If you just can’t stop the hunger, try eating more foods containing fibers in them. Dietary fibers take a long time to get digested and make you feel fuller for longer stretches of time.

Another trick you can use to keep hunger at bay is to eat some low fat low calorie meat at each meal. Grilled chicken breast is a great healthy piece of meat that you can eat with a salad. It will fill you up and give you all the energy you require until the next meal.

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