Charlize Theron’s Diet Tip: Have a Balanced Diet

July 22, 2010

Celebrity Weight Loss

After gaining 30 pounds and winning an Oscar for the movie Monster, Charlize Theron got back to her good looking body really fast. What is her secret: a well balanced diet. This make me ask myself if Charlize Theron gained all that weight eating only unhealthy food. Who knows.

What is certain is that Charlize Theron is a great actress with a beautiful face. Some even say she is the only Hollywood movie star to come close to Marilyn Monroe. This is amazing considering that Charlize Theron doesn’t like using cosmetics that much, during her teenage years didn’t use them at all.

To keep her body slim and healthy Charlize Theron eats lots of raw foods. The biggest part of Charlize Theron’s diet is based on fresh fruits and vegetables that give her all the vitamins and minerals she needs. But she also enjoys eating red meat. In her words “I love red meat – for breakfast it is steak and eggs.”


As a side dish for a healthy serving of vegetables Charlize Theron adds whatever she feel like eating at the moment. This makes her diet very flexible and food craving free.

To lose 14 pounds in one month Charlize Theron stopped drinking any form of alcohol, eating starchy foods and skipping dinner. The results of this diet plan were great, but the actress said “It wasn’t fun to lose weight fast, something strange happens to your body – you just don’t feel as strong even though I lost weight naturally, not with just some weight loss pills.”

Besides having a balanced diet’ to maintain her body looking great Charlize Theron makes sure she gets plenty of exercise. She doesn’t like indoor activities, preferring a walk or cycling any day over working out in a gym. She is very athletic, and practiced ballet for years.

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