Become more of a vegetarian to lose weight

May 25, 2009

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"So I am living without fats, without meat, without fish, but am feeling quite well this way. It always seems to me that man was not born to be a carnivore." ~ Albert Einstein

Many studies show that a more vegetarian oriented nutrition is much more healthy than one based on heavy consumption of meats. You can even get all the essential nutrients your body needs from a balanced vegetarian diet. I don’t say you have to become a full time vegetarian but you can include more greens and fruits in your meals. I love steaks too but I eat my juicy steak with a large bowl of raw salad. I eat more salad because it is much more good for my health.


A diet based on increased quantities of veggies can reduce the risk of getting some chronic diseases and increases your chance of living longer. Vegetarians have a lover obesity rate, fewer heart diseases, diabetes cases, fewer types of cancer and in average live longer.

Some tips for embracing a more vegetarian lifestyle

Foods you should eat for better health:

  • protein rich foods like soy, mushrooms, cheeses, eggs, dairies.
  • -fruits and vegetables.
  • whole grain cereals.
  • -2-3 slices of whole wheat bread.
  • -virgin olive oil.
  • -seeds, nuts, dried fruits.
  • -1-2 spoons of healthy honey daily.
  • -8 cups of plain water or with lemon juice daily.

What foods not to eat to improve your health:

  • -fired foods.
  • -white flour products.
  • -pastry products.
  • -all fast foods even if they are vegetarian.
  • -concentrated sweets and unhealthy white sugar (replace them with honey).
  • -margarine and butter.
  • -sodas.
  • -hard liqueurs.
  • -foods that contain lots of food additives.

You also have to strengthen your muscles. That is why you should walk daily for 1 hour. Go to the gym 2-4 times per week. You can even exercise in your home. If you want you can have a good massage made too.

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