17 Things You Don’t Know That Are Making You Fat

January 29, 2010

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1) Allergies – antihistamines increase the appetite. Pollen and mold allergies are extra troublesome because they wake you up tens of times during the night which drain your energy making you eat more.

2) E-mail– because you e-mail your friends and colleagues daily making you predisposed to getting fat from lack of exercise.

3) Artificial sweeteners –sweeteners mess with your body’s caloric intake measuring system, so moderate a little.

4) Low fat foods– are processed to contain less carbohydrates or calories than usual, and except for the calories (less) they have no true nutritional value.


5) Worries– worries and stress raise cortisol, and fat storing hormones- especially in the abdomen. It’s just another reason to go more often to the massage parlor.

6) Skipping meals– every time you eat your metabolism increases by 20-30% for 2 hours. Skipping breakfast is most dangerous- your metabolism slows by 5% while you sleep- until you eat again.

7) Fruit juice-fructose rich foods slow down appetite regulating substances. That’s why you should replace them with whole fruit and unsweetened teas.

8) A toxin filled liver– the liver is the main fat burning organ. When it’s filled with toxin’s it’s to busy to manage the fat so try to cut down on alcohol, refined sugar and saturated fats.

9) Fast-food salads– have more calories (452) , because of the sauce, than a chicken sandwich (375)

10) Your date of birth-children born in winter have a bigger chance of obesity then children born in the summer. The reasons are hard to explain but we currently know that children born in the winter have a slower metabolism.

11) Watching TV– a group of scientists from the Tulane University, USA discovered that watching TV, reduces pulse, blood pressure and metabolism so much that we lose 20-30 les calories than we do by simply standing.

12) Birth control– injected birth control stimulates the appetite, if you can’t measure you caloric intake anymore switch to the pill.

13) Fat– myth: all fat makes you gain weight; truth: only some types of fat make you gain weight, actually you need these fats (like the ones in avocado, or the ones you get from foods which contain them) if you want your body to act right.

14) Black bread– you should know that black bread is just as processed as white bread. Pick whole bread or bread with seeds because they take longer to digest and don’t increase insulin production.

15) Wasted nights– fatigue interferes with our ability to process carbohydrates and lower our metabolic rate so try to go to bed at a reasonable hour.

16) Moving in– when you move in with someone, like say… your boyfriend you tend to change your dietary habits. The truth is that when you’re in love you don’t really care about your waste and you shouldn’t but you also shouldn’t copy his dietary habits.

17) Thyroid problems– if you’re always tired and you started picking up weight you might have a thyroid problem so consult your medic.

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