How to Get the Best Abdominal Workout

You want some fabulous looking abdominal muscles. This sounds reasonable, until you realize that you can’t selectively melt away the excess fat inches from your abdomen. So how can you remodel your middle section and get six pack abs? Well you need a good abdominal workout that will help you achieve your goal.

Let’s bust some abdomen workout myths first:

  1. Your abdomen is made out of muscle, like your hands and feet. Muscle and fat are two different types of tissue and you can’t turn one into the other. So even if you have abs of steel, you will never see them if they’re under successive layers of fat- that’s why dieting is the starting point for getting that desired “six pack”.
  2. You need to exercise your abs more than 2-3 times a week to get strong muscles. But you need to train them enough for them to need rest. The key to success in this case is to really work them.
  3. Abdominal exercises don’t reduce fat. This was proven time and time again but a lot of people still believe this myth.
  4. For great abs you need to do 1000 ab crunches a day. It would be best if you forget about whole crunches all together. Variety is the key to getting that much desired abdomen. Try doing exercises from different angles, so you will work all your muscles not just the rectus abdominis.


When you’re working your abs you need to take the following into account:

  1. Lie back, flex you knees and keep your feet supported and slightly spread.
  2. Look straight up, this will keep you from burring your chin into your chest.
  3. Pretend you have an orange under your chin, on your chest. You don’t want to pull your neck and push your chin into your chest.
  4. Put only your fingers under your head not your whole hand. This trick will help keep your chin straight.
  5. When you start exercising your abs, lift your shoulders; this way you will work you abs and keep your flex muscles relaxed
  6. Check your body and let your body down gently when you lie back down

This are the basics for getting a fabulous abdominal workout that will get your much desired six pack abs.

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