How to Get Six Pack Abs: flat stomach and ripped abs for you

Fats can get deposited in many areas over your body in an unequal way. The most visually unpleasant and unhealthy is the fat deposited around your waistline.

Even skinny people can have a pot belly

Women and men are a target of belly fat. No one can escape. Who likes to carry a fat ball everywhere? Not me and I am sure you don’t like belly fat either. If your belly isn’t that big you can hide it by sucking it in when the occasion call for. I know I have been guilty of this. In time, as your belly fat increases, sucking your belly in isn’t an option anymore. Regardless of how big your belly fat is you can always start losing it by taking action. You have to take action. You can be skinny or a little plumper, fat gets deposited where it like and you have no control over it.


A flat stomach, firm with ripped abs is appealing and is the dream of everyone fighting against fat. It is like the Holy Grail of weight loss. Apple shaped people, with a big fat belly, run a huge risk of becoming diabetics or have heart problems. By comparison people with a pear shaped body, having the large fat deposits on the hips and ass, don’t run the same high risk. If you want to maintain your health all life long you must get rid of the fat from your abdomen.

What to do to get a flat stomach and six pack abs

Physical exercises have a tough job up ahead. Belly fat puts up a good fight when it comes to losing it. Funny considering it was so easy to get the belly fat in the first place. You will have to burn much more calorie than you eat daily and work out your muscles intensely.

The first step is to get healthy eating habits. Start form the inside out. You must be careful what, how and when you eat.

The you start working out regularly. Studies have shown that the best way to lose weight and burn fat is to combine aerobic and anaerobic workouts. For example you can start jogging and going to the gym to lift weight at the same time. It is recommended to do aerobic exercises 3 times a week . The aerobic session should last for at least 40 minutes, recommended being 1 hour. On the other days you can go to the gym and do anaerobic exercises to gain more muscle mass. One day every week should be dedicated to resting. Your body needs time to repair itself.

If you do a lot of physical exercises daily and you use a very drastic diet, thinking that you will lose weight faster that way, you are wrong. All you will succeed in doing is lose your muscle mass and the fat will still be there untouched. On your designated rest day you can take long walks. Be active but don’t workout.


The most difficult part is the beginning. Until you lose some weight and see some result you won’t be that motivated. Start exercising your ab muscles and stick to it until you get some visible result. Set it as an fitness goal. You also have to exercise your whole body. You cannot lose only belly fat. You have to lose fat from all over your body. So exercise your whole body nut just your abdominal muscles.

Having ripped abs, a flat stomach everyone can feel good about their looks. I am sure you will too. If you don’t have any known health issues you should listen to your body. Your body will tell exactly what it needs. If it needs more rest, then rest more. If it needs more food, eat more healthy food.

The fat form around your waistline and that surrounding your vital organs is considered a cause of illness. It doesn’t matter if you are skinny or obese, the fat from your waistline will in time create for you cardiovascular problems and even cancer sometimes. So be careful and eliminate the belly fat and hips fat. I wish you good luck and lots of health.

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