You’re Not Losing Weight If You Lose Weight and Gain It Right Back

July 9, 2010

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I go up and down the scale so often that if they ever perform an autopsy on me they’ll find me like a strip of bacon – a streak of lean and a streak of fat.~Texas Guinan

Making bacon is a process of fattening and starving the pig over and over again. That is how you get the layers of meat and fat to mingle and create the tasty bacon. But this effect of mingling isn’t limited only to pigs. Frequent crash dieters might be surprised to find out that they are producing bacon too, which is not at all healthy.

Your muscles and your should never mix. Your muscles are stronger if they are compact, and having strong abdominal muscle is very important for maintaining a good body posture. Abdominal fat on the other hand is unhealthy, doctors telling us it is the worst kind of fat you can have. Belly fat creates the worst kind of health risks related to being overweight.

You are not losing weight if you are on a weight yo-yo effect. Losing weight and gaining weight over and over again is not healthy at all. The strain you put on your body is huge. It’s a matter of time until something starts failing. Once that happens the health problems will start pouring in.

If you want to lose weight do it in a healthy way. I can’t stress this enough. By using crash diets to lose weight you only hinder any future possibility of healthy weight loss. The more times you lose weight the more your body gets immune to it. This in turn forces you to turn to more extreme weight loss crash diets that are even unhealthier.

If you are doing so please put an end to the pattern of madness. Find a good healthy weight loss solution and stick to it. It will take longer to get the weight loss results that you so much desire, but you will get to keep your new sexy body forever.

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