Is Extreme Weight Loss Healthy: find out the truth and be healthy

Extreme weight loss is never healthy. If you think about it our bodies were not designed by Mother Nature to suffer great changes really fast. In our past history as a species if we lost a lot of weight fast that meant that something was wrong and our bodies did everything in their power to keep us alive.

Guess what your body does nowadays when you lose a lot of weight fast. You guessed it. Extreme weight loss triggers all the survival instincts in your body which try to minimize the amount of weight you will lose. Your metabolic rate goes down, way down. This makes it so that any further weight loss will be super difficult. This wouldn’t be such a big problem if the weight loss would be permanent.


Unfortunately the second side effect of extreme weight loss is a faster accumulation of fat deposits. Thinking that there is a famine in the world surrounding you, your body will do its best to draw all the nutrients from the little amount of food you eat. Combine this with the fact that your metabolism is super slow now because of the extreme weight loss and you get a super fattening combo.

The true result of extreme weight loss is only more fat and becoming even more overweight. This in turn brings a whole lot of health problems starting, especially cardiovascular diseases and an increased risk of diabetes. Obesity triggers or aggravates a lot of diseases. That is why you should lose weight and do it at a slower pace that will ensure that you won’t get fat soon again.

Extreme weight loss isn’t unhealthy only because of its long term effects. No, extreme weight loss diets crate a lot of health problems themselves. If you starve your body to lose weight your body will get damaged. You see your body needs all the vitamins and minerals, proteins, carbs and even fats to function properly. Your body has some reserves of each and every one of them stored. Once you go on an extreme weight loss diet you deprive your body of some, in some cases most, of the essential nutrients it has to get daily. This forces your body to tap into its reserves.

Sure you want your body to tap and burn all the fat reserves it has, but it will also extinguish all the mineral, vitamin, protein and carb reserves it has also. The lack of vitamins and minerals from your body can cause a whole slew of health problems. Just do a random search for vitamin deficiency diseases. You will be amazed at what you will find. For example the lack of vitamin C will lead to scurvy and some other nasty stuff.

If you don’t give your body all the proteins it needs it will start feeding itself on your muscles. By dissolving your muscles your body will get all the proteins it needs but it will also reduce your muscle mass. The less muscles you have the more likely it is for you to get fat because muscles consume a lot of energy and help speed up your metabolism.

Extreme weight loss is never healthy and is never a viable weight loss solution. You should get a healthy diet and start exercising if you want to lose weight, not starve yourself. That way you will avoid a lot of health problems. In fact by following a healthy weight loss plan you will get even more healthy which is always good and recommended.

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