Interview with Nadia Giordana the Author of Thinking Skinny

Just press play to listen to the interview with Nadia Giordana. She will reveal how you can think skinny so you lose weight and get healthy.

While listening to the interview you should check out Nadia’s website Thinking Skinny to find out even more awesome weight loss tips.

Nadia shares how she lost weight, a whole lot of weight. She lost 88 pounds over a period of 14 months with the help of the weight loss method she developed for herself. From losing weight to writing a book about losing weight was just a step. Here is what Nadia told me when I asked her how did she come to write Thinking Skinny:

” I didn’t originally intend to write a whole book. In fact, in the beginning, I didn’t intend to write anything more than personal entries in my journal and maybe an article for my online blog about my weight-loss endeavor. As I began to lose more and more weight, and when I noticed it was coming off steadily, I started planning to pull my notes together into a booklet or ebook that I could make available on the Internet. A short time later, it wasn’t a quantum leap to see that I had the makings of a real book—one that would be a companion to virtually any healthy weight loss program popular today. My methods are meant to work along with the reader’s chosen weight-loss program to give it a greater chance of succeeding. However, in the book, I do include the details of exactly how I ate in case someone wants to follow my lead.


It wasn’t until after I had surprised so many people with such a significant loss of weight, that they began asking me, “What’s your secret?” “How did you do it?” “Can you write it down for me?” “I want to do it too, show me what you did.” That’s why I decided to do the book.”


In the interview you will find out more details about the weight loss method that Nadia used to lose weight and help others lose weight. She also shares lots and lots of weight loss tips. You’ll just have to listen to the interview to find out everything.

If you like the weight loss method Nadia created and you want to use it to lose weight you should check out her website Thinking Skinny. You should also consider buying the Thinking Skinny Book from Amazon.

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