How Important Is It To Have A Low Fat Diet?

October 6, 2010

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We are surrounded by fat filled foods everywhere, and they taste mighty good. We love our little fatty treats, and many believe life would be without meaning if they were taken away. Unfortunately what you seldom want to hear is the fact that fatty food is super unhealthy. After all you love eating it, and I do too.

According to statistics and research done by many associations and governmental agencies, the average American gets 40% if its calories from fat. That is a huge percentage, and I believe it is a lot higher. Just by checking the fat contents of the most popular fast foods and considering their wide spread popularity you will come to the same conclusion. And the problem isn’t limited to the United States of America. All over the world the fat consumption is going up while the general health is going down in flames.

A high fat diet has been linked to disease like cancer, diabetes, heart and circulatory diseases and strokes. All of which are responsible for the better part of all the deaths that take place each ear around the world.

At the root of all evil are considered to be saturated fats, found in animal fats, hydrogenated vegetable oils and fatty dairies. If you took all of them out of your diet you would be safe. Unfortunately, most complain that taking them out eliminates all the fun out of eating. Which is true, but the good news is that you don’t have to stop eating saturated fats, you just have to lower your intake.

Many nutritionists, associations and groups (the American Heart Association, the American Cancer Society, the National Academy of Science) advise us to make sure we keep our fat intake below 30% of all the calories we need to consume during a day. They also tell us that no more that 10% of all the calories should come from saturated fats. See you don’t have to stop indulging your cravings completely, you just have to keep them in check and be the master of your own body.

Some experts even recommend we limit our fat intake below 20% or even 10% of our total caloric consumption which in my opinion is a good idea if you are overweight. If you want to lose weight and better your health you have to drastically reduce your fat intake. 1 gram of fat contains 9 calories compared to the 4 calories contained in carbohydrates and proteins. Plus you body has a much easier time storing fat as fat than going through all the trouble of converting carbs or proteins into fat.

What you shouldn’t do now is go on a no fat allowed diet. That would be a mistake with bad consequences on your body. You see your body needs fats for lubrication. It also needs essential fatty acids so it can absorb fat soluble vitamins, which your body also needs. The idea is to eat healthy fats, like those found in virgin olive oil, my favorite form of fat.

Nowadays each time I feel the need for something fatty I go crazy, I take a plate, cut up some fresh tomatoes, sprinkle some salt on them and pour some virgin olive oil on them. I then take a slice of whole wheat bread and I indulge my craving. It is a feast, but a healthy one.

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