How to Improve your Posture: get a good body posture

June 16, 2009

Exercise & Fitness

Do you suffer from back pain, or neck pain, shoulder pain? After 8,9,10 hours of sitting in a chair at your desk working your body is a little stiff. To correct your posture you should do some simple posture exercises.

A correct body posture is linked to your balance. At every movement you are helped by your muscles to balance your body. Your muscles are the ones that sustain your body. Without muscles we would be like worms, even worst than that. Even when you sit on a chair your body tries to keep itself in a correct posture. Your muscles and joints tell your brain how much pressure your body is feeling and it compares the pressure from on foot to another.


Where you feel more pressure or even pain you have to correct your posture. There is an imbalance in the way you keep your body and you need to correct it fast. If you stay hunched you will become more and more hunched in time. If you maintain a straight body posture with a straight back you will keep a good body posture for longer. By keeping a good posture you train your muscles, strengthening them. As time passes the slimmer the chance of using bad body postures become if you improve your body posture every day. If you don’t strengthen your muscles they become weaker in time making it possible for bad postures to be adopted.

Before doing any posture improving exercises do a light short warm up. Don’t take your muscles by surprise. Get your muscles warmed up and ready.

Do Posture Exercises: simple exercises to improve your posture.

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