Why Do Men Lose Weight Faster Than Women?

October 22, 2010

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There is this myth buzzing around about how men lose weight faster than women. Some believe it some don’t, but the fact still remains: men do lose weight faster than women. It is true! But why? Well the answer is quite simple.

Women are genetically predisposed to keep a higher level of body fat. Mother nature gave them this tendency to keep all women prepared for getting pregnant. You see, during a pregnancy a women needs lots of resources and energy to make a healthy baby. If a women is super skinny and gets pregnant she has to eat a lot. Nowadays getting food is easy, but hundreds of years ago it was a difficult task. This is also the reason why plumpier women were much more desirable to our ancestors. Skinny women are a recent fashion that goes against our genetical predisposition.

Another factor that may contribute in a small degree to the faster weight loss men enjoy over women, is their muscle mass. Men have a higher muscle mass compared to women. Muscles require a whole lot more energy to function properly than any other tissue found in your body. This makes many to believe that the difference of muscle mass is what helps men lose weight faster. But you also have to take into consideration the height and weight of a person. This pretty much levels off the playing field.

What I consider to be a strong cause of the disparity in weight loss rate between men and women is their lifestyle. Men and women are different, some even said that men are from Mars and women from Venus. I don’t think we are so different, but society has drawn a clear line between the two sexes. There are specific male activities and specific female activities, and usually the male ones are more physical. From repairing the broken faucet and heavy lifting to playing some sort of sport, men are conditioned by society to be more active and burn more energy. This doesn’t mean that women aren’t physically active, they are. But they are told by society norms to stay away from anything that implies sweating. And this doesn’t help them lose weight faster.

From my experience, women love dieting as a weight loss method. Exercising just doesn’t strike their fancy. It involves sweating and it is messy. Plus many women believe they will get bulky muscles if they exercise. Exercising does imply lots of sweating, if you are doing it right, but women won’t gain bulky muscles that easy.

Men on the other hand, when they want to lose weight, start exercising. Then they think about dieting, but they don’t follow a strict diet. They just avoid eating junk food usually because it contains lots of calories.

This difference in the approach to weight loss is another cause that might explain why men lose weight faster than women. And this is also governed by the programming most of us receive from society.

Women can and should lose weight fast in a healthy way. Just start exercising, avoid starving yourself and eat healthy food and the weight will come off. Be more physically active and the weigh will stay off once you lose it. Simple and effective.

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