Fasting to Lose Weight Isn’t the Best Way to Lose Weight

Food is like sex: when you abstain, even the worst stuff begins to look good.~Beth McCollister

Fasting to lose weight isn’t that great of a weight loss method that you should use. The problem with fasting for weight loss is that food cravings will become increasingly more powerful as time passes. This will make it incredibly hard to continue fasting and losing weight.

If you have the necessary willpower for weight loss fasting, then the side effects of fasting will make it so your weight loss results will be just momentary. Fasting helps you lose weight, but you don’t lose only body fat. Besides body fat you also lose muscle mass.

Having good powerful muscles is very important for your health. Your muscles help you maintain a good body posture and avoid spine problems. Strong muscles also give you more physical endurance, making your life a lot easier.

Having a good muscle mass is very important when it comes to weight maintenance. If you want to avoid the weight loss yo-yo effect you have to make sure you avoid losing your muscles while losing weight. Fasting won’t help you preserve your muscle mass, or increase it. Quite on the contrary. And having steel muscles will speed up your metabolism and give your body a pleasant shape. Having muscles is great.

Of course I’m not talking about becoming a bodybuilder either. Too much muscles aren’t that good looking either, at least to me they aren’t. It’s all about striking a balance and making sure you like the result you get.

If it wasn’t for the drastic muscle loss, fasting to lose weight would have been quite a good weight loss solution. It isn’t worth it to battle all those food cravings if you don’t get to keep the result for long. A better way to lose weight is to get on a healthy weight loss plan that combines a good healthy diet with exercising. That way you make sure you will burn the excess fat while preserving or even increasing your muscle mass. This combination will force your body to keep its new shape for a long time. Probably you will get to be smoking hot for the rest of your life, and healthy too. A much more worthy outcome, don’t you think so?

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