Avoid These 5 Exercise Mistakes To Lose Weight Faster

When you’re not a fitness expert and don’t spend too much time poring over books trying to understand the mechanics of how exercise helps in shaping the body, it’s easy to commit the mistake of working out but not seeing results. Here are the top 5 biggest fitness blunders, the major mistakes you may be making— and the fixes you need to do to get the results you want.

1. You overestimate your exercise

You put in three exercise sessions per week, work out at least an hour and expect major body-changing results. This won’t cut it, especially when you eat too much after the workout session, thinking you’ve done your body good for the day. 

Make sure to be active in every point of your day in addition to your workouts, and balance your food intake with how much exercise you are getting. 

2. You exercise too much

Don’t exercise your muscles to the point of fatigue, it’s just like getting so obsessed with losing weight quick that you risk injuring your body. Over-exercising will only hurt your chances of achieving your weight loss goals, and the prolonged recovery from workouts are sure to cause your feelings of general disinterest for exercise in the long run. 

3. You don’t work out your whole body

Most people make the mistake of working out the upper body muscles too much. Recent studies, such as the one done by experts in Syracuse University, revealed that people burned more calories when they focus on lower-body resistance training after working out the upper body.

This may be due to the reason that your lower body muscles, such as the glutes and quads, have more muscles mass then the arms and chest, so the body has to expend more energy to repair and upgrade them after a training session.

4. You skip exercising

There’s just no excuse for this, even your busy lifestyle. You may feel like you are too busy to be active, but truth is, there are other people just as busy or even busier than you, who still find time to exercise.

Make the small things count, like working up a little earlier than usual to do some cardio, or walk whenever you can. It’s no secret individuals who exercise get more things done in the workplace, are less stressed and happier on the job.

5. You do cardio and skip weight training

This has to be one of the most common and biggest mistakes an individual aspiring quick weight loss makes. They believe that strength training makes them bulk up, so they avoid doing them and focus so much on cardio and aerobic exercises. 

While it is true lifting weights can bulk you up, it doesn’t happen overnight, and  choosing to look like a bodybuilder requires a personal lifestyle commitment. You have total control over the effect weightlifting has on your body. Up the weights, do them low-intensity and increase the reps to get sleek, lean muscle.

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