Lose Weight Quick Tips: Melt Fat Like Magic!

Oh how we wish that scientists would hurry up and create a magic pill that would solve our weight problems. Obesity has been a prevailing problem in the country, and with the incidence rising every year, and affecting more individuals including children and teens, everyone’s just hoping for the solution to the weight gain wars.

While there is no known instant fix for your body weight struggles, you can always do it the tried-and tested way, and with proper discipline, melting fat off your body will almost become like magic. Now, scroll down to see 5 of the best weight loss tips you can do to blast stubborn fat away.

Along with the cardinal rules of eating more vegetable greens and getting regular exercise, these are your best bet towards losing weight quick.

1. Eat before you’re starving

This is common for people who eat the standard 3 square meals a day. You wait so long between meals that when mealtimes come, you feel so ravenous you consume more than you actually need. Don’t wait for you to get hungry before eating. Graze frequently on healthy snacks throughout the day or have six, small meals daily.

2. Power nap

Food cravings are strongest when you’re tired, which makes it easier for you to reach for junk food and unhealthy snacks. Studies have shown that people who get less than 7 hours of sleep per day end up gaining weight faster than individuals who sleep within the recommended 6 hours. 

3. Distraction works wonders

If you suddenly get the hankering for french fries, distract yourself. Maybe it’s just your appetite talking, and you’re not really hungry. Take out your mobile phone, call someone, listen to music or chew some gum. Cravings typically last ten minutes, so recognize that and learn to divert your attention.

4. Indulge– in moderation

You should never deprive yourself or limit a particular food group, it will only increase your guilt when you finally give in. Once in a while, it’s okay to go ahead and have a slice of that chocolate cake, but have only one small slice, and don’t go overboard.

5. Weed out the nasty calories hiding in your meals

The spreads, dressings, buttery creams, sauces and condiments you particularly love are calorie-laden and could make or break your weight loss battle. Be smart in choosing the food products you buy, read the label and avoid your triggers. 

The Skinny

The first few days may be the hardest, and learning to love your new lifestyle may seem like a pain, but the longer you go with these tips, the less likely you’ll revert to your old eating habits.

Keep in mind that the brain learns by repetition, and when you train your mind and body to eat healthy all the time, you will be craving for the right kind of foods much sooner than you think. Not only will you do your body a favor by losing weight quick with these helpful tips, you’ll also be improving your body image and become a better person.

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