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April 29, 2009

Health & Motivation

Most problems related to overweight and an out of shape body are created by a harmful lifestyle. So you must change your lifestyle if you want to lose weight permanently. By changing your lifestyle you avoid the Yo-Yo effect, meaning losing weight and regaining it over and over again, with tiny little time dedicated to a constant healthy weight.You should lose weight and never get it back again.

You should eat every morning. Never ever skip breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This is not because mothers say so but because nutritionists have proven the crucial importance of a good breakfast for a healthy life. If you don’t eat in the morning you will feel a lack of energy and focus all day long. You won’t be able to perform at your maximum in any endeavor you undertake. A good healthy breakfast will bring the whole world to your feet during that day. So have one.


Don’t ignore hunger. If until now you have had a chaotic lifestyle it’s time to teach yourself some discipline. Also if you used to be a slave of hunger that must stop too, starting right now. Don’t snack form hour to hour because you feel hungry. Eat a healthy and nourishing breakfast, and if later you feel hunger, not a craving, you can eat a fruit. The lunch must be nourishing also: vegetables, meat and if you can without mayo, bread, fizzy drinks… After that if you get hungry eat a plain yogurt, some vegetables, crackers. For supper eat something light like a salad. As a rule never eat anything 3 hours or less before going to sleep.

Use any opportunity to exercise your body. Walk as much as you can. Forget the elevator, don’t take the bus for just one stop. Walking is always healthy for your body. Use your imagination to add as much movement to your lifestyle as possible.

All these health rules doesn’t mean that your lifestyle can’t be fun also. You might be shocked but you can drink an alcoholic beverage in the evening or when you go out and party. What would be the purpose of having a stunning sexy body if nobody gets to see it and desire it. But you should avoid beer and cocktails. Wine is a great and healthy for your heart and friendly to your waistline. Also ice in your drinks is good because it helps your digestion get faster.

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