Try the sex diet for weight loss: lose weight by making love

April 29, 2009

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Even from the ancient times humans have observed the existence of a link between food and sexuality. Nutrition plays a much more important role in achieving the sex life you desire than you might think. In mundane foods are hidden potent aphrodisiacs that will stimulate your sexual appetite.

From all the pleasures we humans can indulge in sexual pleasure is the dominant one. From our teenage years till we die our sexuality motivates and helps shape our life. And in most cases is the primary reason that determines people lose weight. Who wants to make love to a fat person when there are sexy and erotic choices out there. Losing weight and getting in shape can really boost your sex life and make all your sexual fantasies become reality.

Aphrodisiacs are any fruits, plants, beverages or concoctions or any methods used to stimulate sexual activity.


A normal sexual life is a necessity for your body to function properly. Regular sexual activity ensures a good physical and psychic wellbeing, a joie du vivre, an appreciation of life , kindness and generosity. When someone is dissatisfied sexually then that person feels agitated, egotism, nervousness, contempt for life and it can lead to antisocial activities. The intimate relation between a man and a woman must be magical, filled with eroticism and sexual satisfaction for both partners. In achieving total sexual satisfaction sexual foreplay and aphrodisiacs play a central role.

Sexual activity creates intense psychic feelings and is an intense workout for your body. To be good in bed you must have a body that is in top shape and a perfect psychological condition.

What you eat affects your sexual performance directly. And not just aphrodisiac foods. Having a good nutrition that helps your sexuality implies eating some foods and avoiding others. You should eat raw foods and vegetal foods as much as you can and only as a supplement to your diet eating meat is allowed. You have to maximize your energy so you can blow the mind of your lover in bed. That should be your focus when you chose what to eat. Also take into consideration the fact that what you eat affect your bodily odors.

During maximum periods of sexual activity men and women need a different number of calories. Men need 2800 to 3200 calories per day of intense sexual activity. Women need 1800 to 2000 calories per day of intense sexual activity.

If you eat less calories and decide to go out full out and have a fabulous sex experience you can even lose weight. And sex is a great way to shed some weight. In my opinion sex is the greatest workout anyone can ever have. It’s more fun and intense than anything you can think of. And the best part is that you pleasure your love also. There is no way to beat that.

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