How to lose weight and keep it off forever: the basic principles

April 9, 2009

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You have to change your lifestyle if you want to maintain a constant weight. That is the surest way towards achieving good health, vitality and the ideal weight.

The basic principles you have to take into consideration to keep your weight are:

-after a diet you should avoid reverting to the old eating habits.

-you must change your lifestyle and your eating habits

-there isn’t a miracle diet or pill that will help you maintain your weight after an efficient weight loss program. Your newly acquired figure will disappear in a second if you go back to your old lifestyle that got you fat in the first place

-every weight loss diet must be followed by a maintenance diet to make sure that you will keep your stunning new figure.

-if you go to living the same life as you did before getting on the weight loss program you will regain the lost pounds


For a permanent loss of the excess weight and maintenance of your new sexy figure you have to take into consideration the following factors:

Arm yourself with patience:The process of getting fat took years or even decades. The bad eating habits that lead you to overweight took decades to accumulate also. So you must have patience. You will have to dedicate several months to get fit and shed all those extra pounds, and learn how to keep them of forever.

Change you bad eating habits:Overweight people got into their heads that they must attack the excess weight. Attacks take place from Monday to Friday and the weekends are dedicated to indulging every bad eating habit under the sun. Deep processes like changing bad eating habits and changing your metabolism take between 90 and 120 days of rigorously following a diet and workout plan.

Ask a specialist for help: The majority of people that want to lose weight and maintain a sexy shape need the help of a specialist. Because of the lack of professional help many chose the wrong diet, can’t muster the willpower to follow through an abandon the diet.

The duration of the weight loss program: The optimum monthly weight loss is of about 10 pounds per month. If you want to shed 40 pounds of fat then you need a diet plan that will span for 4 months.

The duration of the weight maintenance program: After you have lost weight you must learn to control your weight. For that you must keep a weight maintenance diet that will last as long as the weight loss diet did. You must avoid going back to the old eating habits. To make sure you are on the right path you must weight yourself weekly.

The success formula for weight loss If you want to lose weight permanently arm yourself with patience and follow the following weight loss formula:

->The excess weight is divided by 10 pounds/month= the number of months you have to keep the weight loss diet

->The same period of time is necessary for learning to control you weight by using a maintenance diet.


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