Enjoy Your Life More Than Food And You Will Lose Weight

July 10, 2010

Weight Loss Quotes

Life itself is the proper binge.~Julia Child

Life is glorious and wonderful. If you are stuck in a daily rut I bet you haven’t stopped to admire the wondrous miracles of life. They surround us everywhere, all you have to do is take a moment and notice them.

When was the last time you when you took a second to watch the sunset. God is creating masterpieces each day for us an rarely do we notice them. Our modern age has poured a flood of opportunities in our lap, and we seldom use them. We have all these gadgets to save time, and still time eludes us. It seem like the more gadgets we have the less time we get to truly live.

I challenge you to explore life and its beauty for 1 hour each day. This doesn’t mean you have to become a bird watcher. Don’t take passive role. Take action, do what you always dreamed of doing. Do it now because life is short and you have no guarantee that you will be here tomorrow. No one does.

Instead of just watching the sunset, take a picture of it. Soon you will have a collection of pictures, one more beautiful than others. Take a trip to national park and go camping. Try riding a bike up and down a mountain. Do some sea diving. Maybe even jump from a perfectly good plane using a parachute (the parachute is essential).

Make a list of whatever you wanted to do and go do it. Become proactive, reach for the stars and have fun in this life. You don’t know if you will get a second chance.

Once you will start chasing your dreams your body fat will have a hard time staying on. You will lose weight fast without even trying it. All you have to do is get physically active doing what you love and have lots of fun. If on top of that you add a healthy eating diet the fat will just melt away.

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