Keep Losing Weight Even While Eating Out

When you’ve made up your mind to go on a diet, there’s no reason for you to keep away from eating out at your favorite restaurants. While in some restaurant portions are out of control and hiding calories behind those fancy menu names, dining out and still losing weight fast is definitely possible, as long as you keep in mind these helpful diet tips and tricks in mind when eating out.

Plan ahead

If you can, and time allows you, do your research about the restaurant you’re going to. Many restaurants publish the calories, fat and nutrition data of their meal selections on their websites.

Order food family-style

Many chain restaurants serve entrees that can easily satisfy the appetite of two or more hungry persons. If this is the case, order an entree and split it amongst yourselves. If in case you’ve underestimated, you can always order more.

Drink a glass of water

Before starting your meal, gulp down a glass of water, not only to speed up your weight loss, but also because it fills you up a bit so the urge to overeat is avoided. 

Watch out for the condiments

Omit fattening creams and sauces from your meals such as salad dressing, sour cream, butter and hollandaise sauces from your meals. These are actually calorie and fat-rich, and will do nothing positive for your weight loss goals.

Ask for suggestions

You could always ask a knowledgeable waiter if you’re unsure what to order. Ask for the lighter menu selections and don;t be afraid to ask questions and make requests. The restaurants are there to serve you and most are happy to do so.

Be familiar with the terms

Brush up on your food vocabulary and remember that foods described as smoked, barbecued, or teriyaki, are loaded with salt, and anything breaded, sauteed, au gratin, creamed or scalloped will be high in fat.

Keep in mind these simple dining tips when eating out to help you enjoy your dining experience more. With these tips, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy a guilt-free meal and continue towards successful weight loss!

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