7 Easy to Do Portion Control Tips

July 20, 2010

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If you wish to grow thinner, diminish your dinner.~H.S. Leigh

Mastering the art of portion control is a must if you want to lose weight and improve your help. The following 7 portion control tips will help you tame your wild eating habits, making them more healthy:

Portion control tip #1: Meat should always be a side dish. At each meal make it a point to eat lots and lots of vegetables and just a small quantity of meat. Actually the recommended serving size for mead is roughly equal to a deck of cards. Eating more than that during your meals will slow down your weight loss results.

Portion control tip #2: Before each meal drink 1 glass of water. By doing so you will quench your thirst and avoid compulsive overeating also. The feeling of thirst and hunger are quite similar and distinguishing amongst the two is quite hard. If needed your body can get all the water it needs from the food you eat, but as you might imagine, you will have to eat lots of food to quench your thirst.

Portion control tip #3: Start by eating high fiber foods first at each meal. Fiber rich foods fill you up for longer periods of time while giving you a low amount of calories. They also make you feel full faster than any other food, thus making you eat a lot less food during each meal.

Portion control tip #4: Use smaller plates to serve your food. Smaller plates make it impossible to pile up lots and lots of food in front of you. This in turn makes it less likely you will stuff your face with a humongous quantity of food. Also many of us have been guilt tripped by our parents to eat everything from out plates. The old starving children routine. Smaller plates make it a lot easier to finish everything from your plate without feeling the guilty of overeating.

Portion control tip #5: Split as many meals with your friends. Each time you have the opportunity split your meals with a friend. That way you will get to eat only half the food you would normally do. Simple and effective, plus you also help your friend eat less calories too.

Portion control tip #6: Keep the serving dishes off the table you eat. If you have to get up and walk all the way to the serving dish for seconds, you are less likely to do it the farther you have to walk. Being lazy can be useful sometimes, and we all know that wave of laziness that comes over us after we eat something. This is a great way to exploit it.

Portion control tip #7: Get the smallest portion of food you can when you eat out. Easier said than done, especially considering that the difference of price between the smallest portion of food and the big one isn’t that big. You will have to fight your inner demon that makes you afraid of still being hungry after you finish eating. You will also have to fight the always looking for the best deal inner demon. Just order the smaller portion of food at restaurants and fast food joints, and you will a lot less food during the day, guaranteed.

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