Reduce Your Serving Sizes of Food to Lose Weight

July 20, 2010

Weight Loss Quotes

Never eat more than you can lift.~Miss Piggy

By eating lots and lots of food you will never manage to lose weight. It is as pointless as trying to make a swimming pool in the dessert. The water would get evaporated or sucked up by the sand. To lose weight you have to adjust your serving sizes of food to better reflect your level of physical activity.

If you are a couch potato you don’t need to eat too much food. It is like pouring gasoline in an car you never intend to use. Pointless. You can eat a lot less food and not be hungry if you aren’t physically active at all (I bet this is why you are having weight problems).

Even if you reduce your serving sizes of food, you still can increase the amount of workout you get without needing to eat more. The average person eats a lot more food than it really needs, especially unhealthy food that contains only calories and no essential nutrients.

Start by cutting your serving sizes in half. Try for a day eating just half the food you used to eat until now. A good idea is to keep a food journal for a couple of days before starting adjusting your serving size. That way you will know exactly how much food you currently eat. Be prepared to be shocked. You eat a lot more food than you actually think you do.

During the day when you cut your serving size in half for each meal, pay attention to your hunger. Are you feeling emotional hunger or physical hunger. If you are feeling physical hunger you have to increase the amount of food you eat. If all you feel is emotional hunger you can reduce your portion sizes even more.

Each time you reduce your serving size, reduce it by 50%. If you have to increase it because you feel physical hunger, increase it by 25%. Keep doing this until you hit the sweet spot: you never feel physical hunger during the day and you never overeat.

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