Myleene Klass’ Diet and Exercise Routine: Being a Mother Makes Her Healthy and Fit

She may be the former singer of famous pop British group Hear’Say, but Myleene Klass is not only known for posessing a silken set of pipes, she’s also a woman of many talents and the proud owner of a perfectly fit figure. Although she’s shied away from the limelight to focus on being a mother of two, she has maintained her stunningly beautiful figure with the help of the diet and exercise routine she has been practicing for years.

Myleene-Klass.jpgMyleene Klass’s diet is based around portion control that allows her to eat whatever she wants as long as the servings are kept in moderation.

Needless to say, the good thing about such diet is she doesn’t feel deprived with the foods she wants to eat. Yet, her diet must also be monitored to ensure that she has healthy choices.

An example of Myleene Klass’ diet plan on a typical day involves the following meals:

  • Breakfast: Scrambled eggs or Cheerios
  • Lunch: Sushi, Salad or a Wrap
  • Dinner: Pasta

But at the same time, Myleene also thanks breast feeding that has helped her lose weight.

“It’s true what they said about breastfeeding. It helps with weight loss. It burns up to 500 calories per day so it has definitely helped me lose the weight I put on during pregnancy. I still wobble in places, but it’s like wearing war wounds. You can say, ‘Hell, this is what I’ve been through,” she shares.

For Myleene Klass’ exercise routine, it involves both dancing and boxing which are two very good forms of exercise. “I get my fitness training exercise done and I even end up learning something,” she shares. Both activities are excellent cardio exercises that doesn’t only help in burning fats leading to weight loss but also helps in toning the different muscles in the body.

Other forms of cardio exercises part of Myleene Klass’ exercise routine are walking, dancing and skipping. Doing skipping exercises similar to top boxers can burn as much as 300 calories in 20 minutes which is 4 times greater than the calories burned during jogging. For Myleene, being a mom also is a great exercise and thanks her daughter for being her fitness trainer.

“I give her a lot of credit for my fitness training exercise program. Walking and chasing her around is my ultimate form of fitness exercise,” she proudly says.

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