When On a Low Calorie Diet Be Careful Of Vitamins and Minerals

July 10, 2010

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When on a low calorie diet be careful of vitamins and minerals. Usually when on a drastic food shifting diet, some healthy and necessary nutrients get left out, nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. In extreme cases dieters can end up suffering from osteoporosis, bone fragility, nausea, extreme lack of energy and fainting.

Lead researcher Christopher Gardner who started the study warns dieters that extreme shifts in diets such as lowering fat intake and increasing carbs can have a much bigger impact on you tan just influencing fat and carb levels.

The study was conducted on 300 obese and overweight women. After a period of 2 months into the diet researchers found out that dieters reduced their daily calorie intake from an average of 2000 to an average of 1500 calories per day. But questions related to their daily diet found out that most women were in serious danger of damaging their health

Some had very reduced levels of vitamins, including Vitamin K, E, A and C. Out of these vitamin E posed the most problems with 65% of all women not getting enough of it

So what has lead to this?

Well one reason is the increased desire for weight loss. But weigh loss that is detrimental to one’s health is a waste of time. We chose to lose weight because we want to be and feel healthy. So we should try and lose weight in a healthy manner.

Most women fall prey to their extreme desire of fast weight loss. So much so as to risk their own health, most of them unknowingly. They count calories, shift foods and have incomplete diets. At the end of the diet plan, even if they manage to succeed in losing weight, they feel too weak to enjoy their new figure. They also have a new spectrum of health issues and usually end up eating more and more and getting fatter than before simply because their body tells them to

So how can you avid this dangerously vicious cycle?

Pretty simple actually, have a balanced diet. A good balanced diet abundant in fresh fruits and vegetables, some easy daily exercise and a few healthy snacks per day and voila. Fast, easy and more importantly healthy weight loss.

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