Weight Loss Secrets From The Experts

When you’re looking for tips to help you achieve the weight loss results you’ve been dreaming of, who better to ask then the experts? World-class, academically trained and highly qualified nutritionists and dietitians have been asked for the best weight loss tips they could think of, and Shedyourweight.com has taken the liberty of compiling them into one, great read. Enjoy!

1. Spice it up with chili peppers

Hot peppers contain the fat-burning substance capsaicin, which not only gives the peppers their singing hot flavor, but also giving your brain time to process that it is full by slowing down your eating.

2. Say no to supersizing

It’s pretty easy to overeat when you have a large meal set down in front of you, and that’s why you should probably stick to your regular-sized meals. Not only does the brain not recognize the difference between the two meals, (you’ll still feel full with the regular-sized meals) but you’ll also be saving your body from unwanted calories and fat.

3. Keep a fast once in a while

Although this tip is something the experts do not recommend for weight control, they do acknowledge that weight loss fasting can break patterns of mindless eating to give your body time to flush the excess toxins out of the system.

4. Learn to say no to temptation

Learn to say no and mean it when someone offers you a second helping of Aunt Judith‘s moist chocolate cake. Announce you’re on a diet, and even though you will get comments like "You don’t need to go on a diet, dear, you look just fine!", making your diet public will only strengthen your conviction in sticking to your plan. Plus, making other people aware of it makes them more mindful about offering second or third helpings to you.

5. Eat at home more often

People who don’t cook and eat at home tend to eat less healthy food and be heavier than people who do, reveals a study by the American Society for Nutrition. You’ll not only keeping the pounds off, you’ll be saving money as well.

6. Don’t skip meals

Nutritionists and dietitians have been advising people not to skip meals for years, especially breakfast. Recent research done by British scientists have revealed that skipping meals sends a signal to your brain that whenever you see a high-calorie food, your reward center lights up vividly to urge you to indulge.

7. Try a bowl of muesli

To those of you who have never heard of muesli before, it’s a cereal made from oats, fruit and nuts, with each ingredient linked to weight control and good health. It’s rich fiber content makes it slow to digest, keeping you feeling full longer.

8. Enjoy the healthy oils

There’s no need to fear the oils, especially the healthy fats like olive and canola oil. They’re especially good for the heart and in lowering your bad cholesterol levels.

9. Have a glass of wine

Having a glass of red wine daily not only lowers your risk of acquiring a cardiovascular disease with it’s rich antioxidant resveratrol content, but has also been proven to be extremely beneficial in burning fat cells and inhibiting fat formation. Red wine has many health benefits.

10. Eat when you’re hungry

Don’t eat when you’re bored, stressed, depressed or lonely. Eat only when you’re truly hungry, because you can’t make food the only solution to your emotional problems. Find physically and mentally rewarding ways to relieve yourself of stress.

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