This Just In! 6 Do’s To Lose Weight Fast

Looking for the hottest new ways to fight the fat? You may have heard of these weight loss ideas already even if they are fairly new, but maybe you have yet to give them a try. Please do! Not only are they so doable and insanely easy to follow, they are surefire, foolproof and guaranteed to help you lose weight fast and keep it off.

1. Do chew gum

Do not underestimate the power of one stick of chewing gum, because aside from research showing that chewing gum improves short and long term memory, a recent study showed that individuals who chewed gum for 15 minutes each hour between meals consumed 70 fewer calories than those who went gum-free.

2. Do drop the fizzy drinks

It’s no secret that sugary and carbonated drinks are packed with a lot of empty calories and contain little to no nutrients at all. Even if it says sugar-free on the label, do not be fooled, as experts speculate the human brain cannot be tricked by these zero-sugar, zero-calorie beverages. These extra calories will always result in extra pounds.

3. Do gulp down some green tea

Re-think your drink and opt instead for some natural green tea. Studies show that aside from reducing physical and mental stress, drinking green tea helps in burning at least 80 calories daily, and also increases your body’s endurance for exercise.

4. Do veggie-juice your way to health

Vegetable juice is about as filling as fruit juice without the unwanted calories. It’s a surprisingly good way to supercharge any diet, as these juices contain very little calories while being packed with vitamins, minerals, nutrients and fiber, to control hunger and stave off food cravings longer.

5. Do get more sleep

If you want to shed lose weight fast, you need to get enough sleep. Getting too little sleep, or less than 6 hours nightly, prevents you from losing body fat efficiently. If you don;t get enough sleep as you diet, you will experience higher levels of hunger and make you struggle to adhere to your fitness regimen.

6. Do add more mushrooms to your diet

These earthy-tasting edibles may be appreciated for adding texture and flavor to your favorite dishes, but did you even know they promote weight loss as well?

A preliminary study found that these low-energy density mushrooms, when eaten in large quantities or as substitutes for ground meat in one meal per week, prevents and treats obesity by boosting the body’s metabolism.

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