What to Eat After You Quit Smoking So You Don’t Gain Weight

June 22, 2009

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Have you succeeded to quit smoking. CONGRATULATIONS! You have proven you have the willpower to change your life. I bow in front of you. You are one of the few. Now you must take all that willpower ant use it to change your eating habits. You need it of you don’t want to gain weight.

If your goal is to become healthier and enjoy life more here are 5 easy steps you must follow after quitting smoking:

1) After quitting smoking you need to eat lots of fruits and raw vegetables. Eat lots of raw salads and drink fresh healthy fruit juices. Almost all the fruits and vegetables contain powerful and healthy antioxidants which boost your immunity. They also help you detox your body and play a central role when it comes to preventing and stopping the evolution of many diseases like cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases.


2) Smoking favors the oxidation of the cells and the apparition of free radicals, which act destructively on the cellular level, making it easier for you to get all kind of diseases. That is why, besides eating lots of fresh raw fruits and vegetables and natural foods, you need to consume nutritional supplements that contain antioxidants (especially vitamin C, vitamin E and coenzyme Q10). A good natural food supplement you can use if you are or where hooked on nicotine is Ginko Biloba.

3) A healthy detoxification diet is especially efficient and recommended after quitting smoking. It will help you eliminate a big quantity of all the toxins you have accumulated in your body.

4) The recommended foods after you have quit smoking are: dairies, fish and seafood, seaweed, soya, honey, whole grain cereals, fresh and dried fruits, all vegetables and especially greens, 8 cups of water daily, plant teas, natural antismoking products.

5) You should avoid eating after quitting smoking: fried foods, fast food which is always unhealthy, pork meat, cold cuts, fatty food, coffee, unhealthy soft drinks and alcoholic beverages.

Implement all these ideas as fast as you can. Start eating healthier food and living a healthier life starting today. You know you have the willpower. After all you have quit smoking which is a big deal. I wish you good luck in achieving a healthier lifestyle.

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