5 steps towards a healthier you

June 21, 2009

Health & Motivation

Many people have told me that they would like to change their life and become more healthy. They wonder what are the first steps and where to go from there. Here are 5 steps towards a healthier happier you:

1) First you must change your mentality. You also have to get prepared for what is about to come. If you have decided to change your lifestyle and to start living a healthier life you must have the inner belief that this is the best time for change. Start reading everything about a healthy balanced nutrition. Gather health information and in time you will change your view of the world. You will start making the right choices, the healthy choices.

2) The second step is detoxing your body. Follow a detoxification diet and clean your body on the inside. Eliminate all those unhealthy toxins that have gathered in time in your body.


3) Next you must clean your fridge and cupboards. Throw away or done all the following foods from your home: soft drinks, margarine, fatty cold cuts, pork meat, sausages, fatty cheeses, white sugar and all the foods that contain a high number of food additives.

4) Go and buy healthy food: fruits, vegetables, low fat dairies, fish, chicken or turkey meat, natural spices, whole grain cereals, dried fruits, seeds, virgin olive oil, honey… Make a shopping list at hone and stick to it. If needed take a shopping chaperone to make sure you stick to your list.

5) All you have to do now is learn to cook delicious healthy meals. It’s supper easy. Go buy a cookbook full of healthy recipes. Skim the book before you buy it to make sure it has recipes that use the healthy food you have bought. You can even use your imagination, have fun, and modify the recipes you already know. Make them healthier. Use spices and colorful vegetables and your dishes will look appetizing and they will also taste fabulous.

These 5 steps are just the beginning. You have to continue eating healthy food and in no time you will become healthier. Get healthy eating habits. Have fun and enjoy life.

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