What NOT To Eat When Trying To Lose Weight Rapidly

So you’re in a diet, you’re eating right, you’re working out regularly. But why aren’t you seeing results? Take another look at your eating plan. Sure, you’re eating the right kind of foods for weight loss. But maybe you’re eating the wrong kind of foods as well.

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Here at Shedyourweight.com, we’re going to tackle the foods you thought were healthy, but really aren’t. Don’t let these so-called health foods ruin your diet for you. 

1. Bottled fruit juice

Most of these single-serve bottled juices contain high amounts of sugar with very little actual juice. Usually, these supermarket-brought juices have added amounts of fructose which can cause obesity and high cholesterol levels in the blood.

2. Granola bars

Oh sure, granola bars have healthy nuts and oats in them, but what glues them together is actually corn syrup, which is loaded with sugar and is really fattening.

3. Salads

The fruit and vegetable part of the salad is healthy, but restaurant prepared salads pack huge amounts of calories. Also, salads are often topped with the unhealthiest of all foods: croutons, bacon bits, fried chicken, and fattening cheese and dressings.

4. Cereals

Your favorite breakfast cereal contains high amounts of sugar and sodium. When choosing cereals, opt for those which have the labels healthy, nutritive or for weight loss.

5. Canned foods

To preserve their quality and taste, canned goods are often loaded with sodium, sugar and bad fats such as saturated and transfats. 

6. Diet Soda

Yes, even diet soda is packed with empty calories and artificial sweeteners that no only destroy the beautiful enamel of your teeth, but also ruin your weight loss success. Check out the dangers of diet soda for more information on this.

The Skinny

These are but a few of the unhealthy foods masquerading around your pantry as healthy diet treats. It is pretty easy to be carried away with the promises of "0 fat" or "low-fat" nutrition labels. Now it has become more important, especially if you desire to lose weight rapidly, that you check the fine print of every grocery item that you buy. When you eliminate these foods from your shopping list, you are also exposing the deceptive tricks companies use that have cause you to suck at losing weight for so long.

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