What NOT To Eat When Trying To Lose Weight Fast

March 17, 2011

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Being proactive about your health has never been more important, especially in this age of microwavable dinners and supersized meals. We’re all trying to practice better nutrition, not just to lose weight, but to maintain wellness and live longer. But how do you make sure the food you eat contains what the nutrition label says it does?


Here are a handful of foods we’ve found the dirt on, these foods have made it to your list of healthy treats, but a second look says otherwise. These foods may be the reason you aren’t achieving the weight loss results you want.

1. Yogurt

The yogurt you love, especially those with fruits at the bottom, often contain high amounts of sugar, corn syrup and added sweeteners.

Choose a yogurt that contains only a few grams of fat, and one with the least amount of sugar in it as possible.

2. Smoothies

Commercially-made smoothies are junk food, you have to know that now. They are loaded with high fructose corn syrup with very little natural fruit juice.

3. Processed foods

Boxed meals and other processed goodies tend to contain unhealthy saturated and transfats. They are also packed with sodium and contain very little nutritional value.

4. Breads

Breads make a good meal, it’s everywhere, but eating too much can be bad for your health as studies revealed that some breads are high in corn syrup and trans fatty acids. Especially white bread.

Processed bread contains organic compound bromide, which is bad for the endocrine system, and is also is treated with a lot of chemicals from the ground to production.

5. Whole-wheat tortilla chips

These chips don’t really contain as much whole grain as it would like you to believe. It’s a marketing ploy designed to trick customers into buying their products.

A serving of Multigrain Tortilla chips contains about 150 calories and 2 grams fiber, while a serving of Restaurant style Tostitos contain the same amount of fiber and 140 calories. Thee really isn’t much of a difference. 

The Skinny

Choosing healthy foods in your quest not only for losing weight fast, but also for optimal well-being which is a lifelong endeavor. When you feed your body good food, it shows. Not only will your energy levels increase, but you will also feel and look better. It’s about time we know what’s best when it comes to choosing what is healthy to eat and what isn’t so healthy.


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